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Legal Executive Apprentice Programme (LEAP)

Established in 2019, the Legal Executive Apprentice Programme is a career-based programme that provides opportunities for firms and companies to engage with students. It is also aimed to provide exposure and career opportunities for the students. The semester-long programme include networking sessions, talks and recruitment drives. 

Tenure: 2018/2019

Firm Visit to Shook Lin & Bok

UM Law Society 2018/2019 conducted a firm visit to Shook Lin & Bok where a session was organised between the participating student and the partners and lawyers.

Students were exposed to the working environment of the firm and was also given a firm tour.

Tenure: 2019/2020

Sharing Session with Azmi & Associates

In accordance with LEAP, the UM Law Society organised an online sharing session with our Platinum LEAP Sponsor, Azmi & Associates. The partners provided great insight on litigation, corporate law as well as the capital and debt market. The partners also shared on practicing in Azmi & Associates.

LEAP Recruitment Drive

In conjunction with LEAP, the UM Law Society organised a Recruitment Drive which is the culmination of all events under LEAP. The two-day interview was held for students who were looking for chambering opportunities with the participating firms.

LEAP: Speed Interview

In conjunction with LEAP, UM Law Society organised a quick interview session with a similar concept of 'speed dating' where participants had a chance to be interviewed by the participating firms, Shearn Delamore & Co, Shook Lin & Bok and Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill.

Tenure: 2019/2020

LEAP Alumni Sharing Session: Life After Law School

In conjunction with LEAP, UM Law Society 2019/2020 organised a virtual sharing session where senior students of our faculty were provided a platform to interact and connect with alumni who have established themselves in the legal fraternity. Among the speakers were Mr Vinodhan Kuppusamy, Ms Nurul Syafinas binti Ibrahim, Mr Ananthan Moorthi and Ms Siti Nurlaila. The session was moderated by Corina Rober Mangharam, a Final Year Student in the faculty.

Tenure: 2019/2020

Pre-LEAP: Career Talk

In conjunction with the inaugural Pre-LEAP, UM Law Society 2019/2020 together with Pertubuhan Alumni Rumpun Fakulti Undang-Undang Universiti Malaya (PARFUM) organised a career talk to provide insights for students on their prospective career pathways upon graduation. The panelists were all alumni of the faculty. Among them were Tuan Edwin Paramjothy, Sessions Court Judge, Mr Raphael Kok, Ms Rohaila Basir, Ms Firdaus Husni and Mr Abraham Au. The session was moderated by Ms Christina Erin Ong and Ms Caysseny Boonsiri who were both Third Year Students in the faculty.

Tenure: 2018/2019

General Networking Session with Shook Lin & Bok and Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill

UM Law Society 2018/2019 organised a general networking session for LEAP where students were able to interact with lawyers from the two well-established law firms in Malaysia. Attendees were also given door gifts which were merchandises of the participating LEAP sponsors.

Tenure: 2018/2019

Firm Visit to Shearn Delamore & Co

Under LEAP, UM Law Society 2018/2019 conducted a firm visit to Shearn Delamore & Co which introduces students to the firm and the working environment of the firm.

Students were also given the exclusive chance to network with partners and lawyers in Shearn Delamore & Co.

Tenure: 2019/2020

The Practice of Law During Covid-19 & Beyond

In collaboration with Advance Tertiary College (ATC) and Kesatuan Penuntut Undang-Undang Malaysia di United Kingdom dan Eire (KPUM), UM Law Society 2019/2020 organised a talk were partners from Shearn Delamore & Co shared on the impact of the pandemic towards the traditional areas of law practice, the emerging areas of practice and more.

Tenure: 2019/2020

Pre-LEAP: CV Workshop

UM Law Society 2019/2020 initiated the Pre-LEAP programme which was kickstarted with a CV Workshop, intended help students craft professional and outstanding CVs. The session was conducted by Mr Eu Jinn Teo, a Senior Consultant for the Legal & Corporate Division at the esteemed consulting and recruitment agency, Robert Walters Kuala Lumpur.

Tenure: 2018/2019

The Open Table: Ask Us Anything About Practice with Shearn Delamore & Co

Under LEAP, UM Law Society 201/2019 organised an open table and networking session that enables students to get to know and network with Shearn Delamore & Co. The UM Law Society was privileged to have partners from Shearn Delamore & Co, Pn Putri Noor Shariza, Mr Nad Segaram and Mr Indran Shanmuganathan.

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