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Lex Imprimis

Lex Imprimis plays an important role in facilitating this transition process for students by assisting them in a variety of ways.


Lex Imprimis (formerly known as Lex Ordinem) modified its approach to meet the current needs of first-year students in an appropriate way in the face of modern challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this latest approach, its goal remains intact, which is to help new students meet their needs, guide them in understanding faculty behavior and culture, as well as make it easier for them to interact with other students in the faculty.


High Committee 2021/2022


Farhan Hadeed Bin Johan Shamsuddin 


Vice Director

Luc Choong Guong Sang 



Jewel Shreya Naidu 

Vice Secretary

Ong Jing Xun 


Leezzie John 

Past Events & Projects

Lex Imprimis is an orientation programme designed to equip incoming First Year Law students at University of Malaya with skills and knowledge fundamental for their 4-year law school journey. One of Lex Imprimis’ main components would be its academic activities that are designed to guide the students in research, argument crafting, and intellectual discourse. 


As first year students are generally new to the legal world, Lex Imprimis’ Academic events are designed to ensure first-years are properly introduced to the fundamental academic skills and knowledge required when traversing through their years in the faculty.


Lex Imprimis has held many events in conjunction with the Lex Imprimis Orientation Programme. They include a Courtesy in the Faculty and Legal Profession talk, ILAC, Legal Citation, Research and Malay Legal Jargon workshops, Academic Discourse presentations on the Federal Constitution and Pro Bono work, an alumni sharing session and lastly, an academic activity as well as an introductory webinar to mooting. 


Additionally, Mentor-Mentee sessions and First Years’ Night were conducted to provide a channel for students to seek advice and bond with each other and senior students. 

Annual Flagship Events

The Lex Imprimis Orientation Programme is an annual programme that takes place during the intake of first-year students into the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya. It reflects the concept of an introductory program that is beneficial to first-year law students and much needed for them to adapt into the faculty. The programme aims to help the self-development of first-year students as students of the prestigious Faculty of Law, especially in facing the challenges and disconnect of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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