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University Malaya Law Faculty Islamic Student Association, “LISA”, is an organisation that focuses on the subject of Islam and Islamic matters within the sphere of the Law Faculty. It focuses on developing students’ spiritual relationship with God and spreading information related to Islam. On top of that, it also seeks to shed light with regards to views and opinions about Islam in the hopes that a deeper understanding may be achieved by the general public.


Among the events that have been conducted by LISA are the Webinar entitled “Islamic Banking and Finance: Introduction and Opportunity in the Legal Field” where students are introduced to the world of Islamic Banking and Finance specifically with regards to the roles that legal practitioners play in those fields. Other Webinar such as “Pathway to be a Syarie Lawyer” which were talks given by prominent syarie lawyers had also been conducted. LISA is also active online as it had conducted a program which is a series of videos published explaining on the topic and concepts of the “Principles of Tasawwur Islam”.


Contrary to its name, LISA is open to all law students regardless of race, religion or gender. As a matter of fact, LISA highly encourages non-Muslim students’ to join its organisation in its effort to further integrate and appreciate the different cultures of Muslims and non-Muslims as well as establishing a harmonious relationship and understanding of each other.


LISA is looking forward to conducting more exciting, informational and practical programmes in the upcoming tenure and we cordially invite the students to join in making the aforesaid programmes a success.

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High Committee 2022/2023


Fareez Junaidy bin Mohd Junus


Muhammad Danish Mirza bin Norisham


Nadhirah binti Mohd Radzi

Past Events & Projects

  • Jelajah LISA

  • Majlis Khatam Quran 2022

  • Syariah Career Talk: Pathway to be A Syarie Lawyer

  • Islamic Banking and Finance: Introduction and Opportunity in Legal Field

Contact Information

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