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University Malaya Law FC or known as “UM Law FC” was founded in the year 2014 and has strived to become more than just a futsal/football club ever since then. UM Law FC is a club not only for souls who love sports and enjoy some action on the field but also for those who simply seek recreational fun.

During pre-covid days, weekly futsal and football training were held, coupled with friendlies with clubs within the legal fraternity and other open clubs as well. 

Since it was established, UM Law FC has been a physical club at the faculty where the members would meet physically and play sport together, however, due to the emergence of covid-19, another kind of approach has been taken to ensure the continuity of our beloved club. As of now, members of the club are active in discord where we watch sports together, watch movies, play games and even study together.

It is the essence of strong bonds emerging between members of the faculty be it seniors or juniors, everyone comes together for one cause and that is to get away from the hustle and bustle of studying.  

Not only is UM Law FC an entity for law students to unwind themselves, this club also represents the faculty in football and futsal tournaments primarily the famous Perundang Cup.It simply depicts the fierce and dominating nature that the club portrays in football matches. 

The club has taken a halt amidst the pandemic. We are soon rejuvenating the nature of the club with a new look. We all share the same passion hence come be a part of us. 


High Committee 2021/2022


Muhammad Hadif bin Mohd Hamdan


Vice Director

Shamrin Danial bin Samsul Ariffin



Syed Haiqal bin Sayed Mustafar



Kamarul Adamm bin Kamarulzaman

Contact Information

  • Instagram

Any inquiries may be directed to UM Law FC email address ( or you may message us on our instagram (@um_lawfc).

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