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Lex ACT was founded in 2019 with the aim of inculcating the spirit of activism, community service and making a difference in society by spreading awareness and highlighting positive change in society amongst the students of our faculty.


Lex ACT stands for, in simple words, “legal activism”. We aim to instill legal elements into each theme and projects held while still maintaining the format of activism and student volunteerism. The word “ACT” is derived from the first three letters of “activism” whereby 3 core elements have been identified to set the direction of this programme: Activism, Change and Trust.


Our goal for this tenure is to become a platform for students of the faculty to enter the world of activism and advocacy as well as being at the forefront of student volunteerism.

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High Committee 2022/2023


Abqari Bin Annuar

Vice Director

Farah Hana Binti Joharuddin


Nuralisa Firhani Binti Mohd Zakaria

Vice Secretary

Adibah ‘Adawiyah Binti Hardin Eduar


Yiew Xiu Jing

Past Events & Projects

A Day of Light

Community Awareness Day

An Inclusive Tomorrow

2022/2023 Tenure Plans

Semester 1

  •  Political Literacy & Voter Education Workshop: A workshop to promote political literacy to the students as the general elections approaches.

  • Activism Talk: A talk to provide the basic introduction on activism. This talk hopes to inspire and explain to students how to start as an activist and advocate.

Semester 2

  •  Women Empowerment Mentor-Mentee Programme: A programme that aims to inspire the female students to take on public leadership.

  • Child Marriage Talk: A talk to raise awareness on the issues surrounding child marriage in Malaysia

Contact Information

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Facebook: UM Lex ACT

Instagram: umlexact

Twitter: umlexact

Linkedin: University of Malaya Lex ACT

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