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Founded in 2018, ‘JusTech’ is derived from the combination of ‘Justice’ and ‘Technology’ and stands as the country’s first technology based society run by law students.


As perfectly embodied by our slogan – “Bridging Justice with Technology”, JusTech is concerned with the legalities of the latest technological advancements. Think Cryptocurrency, NFT’s and self-driving cars. We are interested in how rules and regulations are created, updated and developed to accommodate these leaps in technology.


JusTech, as a club, is a platform to stimulate interest and spark conversation, encouraging students to engage with tech law in general by connecting you to the movers and shakers in the field. In our past tenure, we launched “Was I JustScammed?!”, a campaign revolving around cyber scams where we explored the laws governing the issue and dove deep into whether these laws were adequate enough considering the ingenuity that goes into scams today.


Moving forward, JusTech looks to emphasise not only on the academic aspects of tech law but also the practicalities of legal knowledge. After all, what good is knowing the law if we can’t apply it?


This tenure sees us explore topics like digital art, e-commerce and who knows what’s next. Do keep a lookout for our events

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High Committee 2022/2023


Cheryl Ng Wen Xuan


Vice President

Joyce Cheah Hui Jie



Kum Yen Shia


Assistant Secretary

Tan Wen Xuan



Lam Yee Yao

Head of Bureaus


Sharvin Abisheg Raj a/l Rajendran



Wong Yinn Long, Raphael Karasu-Third


Corporate Communications

Parvaneetha Subramaniam, Shareef Basil bin Mohamad Shaiden


Project Development

Alyaa Amirah binti Mohamad Ishak

Annual Flagship and Past Events

Was I JusScammed?

Graphic Design in One Click 2021


Graphic Design Workshop
Was I JustScammed_ 2

Contact Information

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