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Founded in 2018, the University of Malaya JusTech Club (JusTech) stands as the country's first technology society run by law students. 


Ostensibly, 'JusTech' is the abbreviation for Justice and Technology. Our primary focus is, therefore, unsurprisingly to promote legal technology amongst students in the law faculty, given the ever-growing importance of technology in the legal industry. Subsequently, we strive to create an academic community skilled in navigating the technology landscape. 


To realise this aim, our team has actively organised numerous events and workshops to expose students to the interplay between the legal industry and technology in collaboration with leading tech companies and prominent lawyers. 


In the past tenure, we launched our first flagship event — Cryptocurrency Law Reform Competition — that allowed participants to engage with renowned industry experts and highly qualified peers of similar passion. Despite its infancy, we drew over 20 teams worldwide, including participants from the University of Oxford and University College London.


For this tenure, we are incredibly thrilled to announce that the board has set forth a handful of new initiatives to help JusTech achieve greater heights. Events such as legal tech talks and digital software workshops are in the works to broaden students' minds on technology in legal practices and help better academic learning. 

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High Committee 2021/2022


Yew Pui Yi


Vice President

Shun Hui Xin



Grace Eva Conahap


Assistant Secretary

Chia Jia Yii



Kuay Jie Li

Head of Bureaus


Ung Yi Jie



Coe Tay Wuen Wei, Chelsea Ho Su Ven


Corporate Communications

Lydia Jaynthi a/p Ravichanthiran


Project Development

Rosemary Ting 

Past Events & Projects

LexTechies Meetup: The Internet of Things 2019

LexCode 2019

JusTech Law Reform Competition 2021 

Graphic Design in One Click 2021

Annual Flagship Event

JusTech InfoBytes: Infographics as digital advocacy 

Contact Information

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