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Malaysian Law Games

Initiated in 2019, the Malaysian Law Games is a national sporting event comprising of all Malaysian law schools and the Malaysian Bar Council.  

Sports Week

In efforts of fostering good relations between faculty members while encouraging them to stay physical and active, the UM Law Society annually organises a Sports Week where faculty members come together and compete in sporting events such as futsal, basketball, dodgeball, pool, darts, kayak, badminton and more. 

Tenure: 2019/2020
Tenure: 2019/2020

Sports Week 2019

Tenure: 2018/2019
Tenure: 2018/2019

Sports Week 2018

Virtual Sports Challenge

The UM Law Society 20/21 introduced this new initiative due to the pandemic, with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle through movement within members of the faculty. There were three challenges named Ready, Set, Go!, Project Plank, and Count Your Steps where we encourage students to either jog, walk or plank. Participants receive an e-certificate and top 3 winners of the challenge with the best records are crowned. 

Tenure: 2020/2021

Virtual Sports Challenge 2021: Sports in Solidarity

Wellness Within

The UM Law Society 20/21 introduced a mental health initiative to raise awareness on the importance of prioritising mental health, given that mental health is as important as physical health. Taking form as a semester-long campaign on Instagram, the initiative provides students digestible mental health information and coping strategies.

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