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The University of Malaya Consti Team (UMCT) is a voluntary organisation led by passion-driven law students of the UM, who are dedicated to promote constitutional literacy through various avenues. Our primary objective is to inculcate the spirit of constitutionalism, not only into the young legal minds, but of the general public as well. UMCT seeks to promote constitutional literacy with the help of education, social engagement, and even “edu-entertainment”.


We are constantly churning out content to provide legal exposure pertaining to the Constitution. Our content includes bulletins, law series, infographics, podcasts and even educational TikTok videos, just to name a few! UMCT also works very closely with the Constitutional Literacy Initiative (CLI), a collaboration between the Malaysian Bar and the Faculty of Law, Universiti Malaya. Our bulletin, the Consti Bulletin, was birthed from this joint effort!


This is a platform for students to not only get access, but also be a part of a committee that actively seeks to instil the spirit of constitutionalism, with values such as accountability, responsibility, rule of law and separation of power.


We hope to continue spreading constitutional patriotism amongst our Rakyat, and if you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team, do await our recruitment!


Till then, stick around and stay updated with the UM Consti Team!

"The Constitution is Supreme, the Parliament is Not."

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4 Jason.JPG

Jason Chong

Vice Secretary

5 Ban Wei .jpg

Lim Ban Wei


6 Eizad.jpeg

Eizad Arian

MD for Academics & Activities Bureau

7 Catherine.jpeg

Catherine Alicia Nathan

MD for Logistics & Protocol Bureau


Charmaine Denisha Lionel

MD for External Relations Bureau


Dhurgesswaran Veeran

MD for Marketing & Sponsorship Bureau

1 Ashley Voon.HEIC

Ashley Voon


2 Neesha_IG_edited.jpg

Neesha Segar

Vice Director

High Committee 2021/2022

12 Abby.JPG

Abby Si Xinyi

MD for Multimedia & Publicity Bureau


Frederick Ghia Anak Jelian

MD for Multimedia & Publicity Bureau

Past Events & Projects


12 December 2022

UMCT x Ecolawgy UM “What does the constitution say about the environment?”


5 March - 26 March 2022

Infographic Competition


12 March 2022

Stop the Hop!: Is anti-hopping laws the solution forward?


19 March 2022

Execute Justice, Not People: The death penalty debate


8 April -10 April 2022 

Internal Malaya Constitutional Moot Competition 2022

Annual Flagship Events

Consti Carnival - an array of events revolving around the appreciation of Constitutional Law is organised annually in conjunction with this Carnival.

UM Consti Team Blog

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