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Student Welfare Updates

23 February 2021

UM Law Society
Student Concerns Updates

Dear members of the faculty,

UMLS has received a few concerns from students which we hope to clarify in the following:

1. Q: What is the current status of the mooting and outbound policy?
A: The mooting and outbound policy stands and students are encouraged to join mooting competitions and online outbound programmes for students’ own benefit. The policy is also still in place as there are more opportunities online for students to participate in. It is to note that there is no such policy outlining that students are unable to graduate or that student’s transcript/ release letter will be withheld upon non- completion of the requirement. Nonetheless, it is strongly urged that students actively seek opportunities to both moot and go outbound.

2. Q: Does the online outbound policy cover international online events not organised by the faculty?
A: The faculty recognises that there are external international online events/ programmes that students might be interested in. Hence, if there are any, do reach out to UMLS for us to liaise with the faculty if such an event can be considered as a fulfillment of the outbound requirement.

3. Q: There are certain subjects where students have yet to receive their carry marks. Will it be released anytime soon?
A: We have liaised with the faculty on the matter. To UMLS’ knowledge, the subjects include Tort, Equity, Jurisprudence, IHL, Islamic Evidence Law, ADR, and Trial Advocacy I. The faculty has taken note of this and will take further action. Should there be any further concerns, do let us know.

4. Q: When will the third year internship briefing be held?
A: We have liaised with the faculty on the matter but a date has not been set yet. We will be following up on this and will update accordingly.

5. Q: Will the next semester be online?
A: As of now, yes. Per our last statement, Semester 2 will be online for all law students and will commence on 8th March.
Should there be any further concerns or feedback, do reach out to us personally or via our general feedback form

Thank you!


23 February 2021


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