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Student Welfare Updates

28 February 2021

Elective Courses Registration Updates

Dear all, as Semester 2 will be commencing soon, UMLS has liaised with the faculty with regard to course registration.

1. Q: Is there a specific time and date for Elektif Dalaman (ED) registration?
A: There is no specific time or date solely for registration of internal electives. Registration for all courses (core courses and elective courses) will be simultaneous. Students will be registering according to the set registration dates for each stage of studies ie. final level, middle level, beginning level. Hence, do take note of your credit level to see which stage of studies you fall under. (Attached with this message is the notice to take note of.)

2. Q: Is there enough capacity for all students to register Elektif Dalaman?
A: The faculty has given assurance that the capacity is sufficient for all. UMLS is still liasing with the faculty to obtain the average number of slots offered for EDs. Even so, UMLS strongly reiterates and reminds each student not to hoard EDs or register for additional EDs that are not within the course requirements.

3. Q: There are some EDs that are clashing which disallows students from registering for both EDs. Is it possible for the clashes to be mitigated?
A: Unfortunately, the faculty has explained that some clashes are inevitable given the number of EDs offered this semester (21 EDs). The schedule has been arranged with consideration of students’ credit requirements and to ensure sufficient capacity. Students are advised to carefully plan which EDs to take for the semester.

Should there be any further concerns or feedback, do reach out to any of us personally or via our general feedback form

Thank you!


28 February 2021


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